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A 2D hack and slash pixel art action game set in the future.  

Enjoy a thrilling story and high speed parry-base combat!

Made with unity

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qWJMMY_KkyPmsOQPBu6kQ

Game Design:

Ken He

Jason Ronson


Ken He


Ken He


Zhiyong Cai


Ken He

JianWei Liang

Asscioate Artist: 

Wilson Zhou

Eleanor Wei

Jason Ronson

Daniel Kiesewetter


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I liked the attacks that the character can do after changing stance. Here are the parts I don't like:

The game's controls are not fluid at all and difficult to understand. Keys are assigned to interesting places, difficult to play. It is unclear whether the character is slow but has a lot of damage or is agile and has little damage. The flow of the game goes from easy to difficult too fast and there is a penalty to start the whole level from the beginning when you die. As the animations do not fit well, it is difficult to attack the character in front of him. There is no incentive to play in the level design, it's just boring to cut through the enemies in front of us nonstop. Also, enemies suddenly appear in front of you, and you don't know where enemies come from.

I hope you fix these bugs and polish the game. Good luck with.

Thanks you so much for the feedback! I will definitely take these suggestion seriously, may I ask how far you got in the game? 

I somehow managed to pass the tutorial of the game, but when I encountered the boss of the second episode, I died. When I saw that I was going to start from the beginning of the episode, I closed the game.

OK, thanks for all the feedback! If you like to follow the development update for the game, make sure to join the discord server or subscribe the YouTube channel!